Jeffrey N. Weatherly

Jeffrey N. Weatherly, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of North Dakota, USA

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Dr. Jeff Weatherly is a professor of psychology at University of North Dakota. Dr. Weatherly was awarded the UND Foundation/McDermott Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research or Creative Activity at the 2009 Founders Day Banquet. Dr. Weatherly was honored for his reputation as an outstanding researcher, while maintaining excellence in all other areas of his work, which recently, has included serving as chair of the Department of Psychology and as interim chair of the Department of Languages. Weatherly’s research focus is on the factors that contribute to gambing behavior. A special laboratory that includes fully operational slot machines mimics the casino atmosphere while allowing non-intrusive observation, control of variables, and the generation of more data. Weatherly has been a collaborator in generating more than $4 million in grants during his time at UND.

Research Interest

Dr. Jeff Weatherly’s research interests include: factors that contribute to gambling behavior and discounting.


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