Jonathan Sinclair

Jonathan Sinclair,
Division of Sport Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

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He is research active within the area of sport and exercise science and is a member of the Centre for Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences. After completing his degree in Sport Science Jonathan decided to undertake a PhD examining the influence of different footwear on the kinetics, kinematics and metabolic aspects of distance running. Jonathan's main research interests are focussed on lower extremity human locomotion during normal and pathological gait with emphasis on forces imposed both on and in the locomotor system and the effects produced by such forces (e.g. excessive load and injuries). Current projects include the biomechanics associated with common running-related injuries and also the efficacy of both habitual and non-habitual barefoot running on the prevention of injuries in runners.

Research Interest

Jonathan's research primarily focuses on lower extremity biomechanics during normal and pathological locomotion using 3-D kinetic and kinematic modelling and advanced measurement techniques.


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