Julie Williams Merten

Julie Williams Merten, PhD, MSH
Department of Public Health
University of North Florida, USA

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Julie Williams Merten is an Instructor in Department of Public Health at University of North Florida. Julie Williams Merten directs the undergraduate Community Health Internship program and teaches Women’s Health. She served as Faculty Sponsor for Eta Sigma Gamma for seven years and received the national Faculty Sponsor of the Year Award in 2011. Julie Williams Merten is currently working with undergraduate students on a Transformational Learning Opportunity (TLO) funded research project. Julie Williams Merten was the 2008 recipient of the Brooks College of Health Teaching Award and received a 2010 Community Scholar Award through the Center for Community-Based Learning.

Research Interest

Julie Williams Merten research interest lies in Skin cancer prevention, sun safety, appearance-related health motivations, Health Education and Community-University partnerships.


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