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 Lauren B. Strober

Lauren B. Strober
State university of New Jeresy

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Dr. Lauren Strober is a board eligible clinical neuropsychologist and licensed clinical psychologist with significant experience and knowledge working with a broad range of psychological, medical, and neurological conditions. She is most recognized for her research pertaining to the phenomenological experience of medical illness, outcomes and quality of life in multiple sclerosis (MS), and evaluation of secondary factors (e.g., depression, fatigue, sleep difficulties, personality changes) associated with MS and other medical and neurological conditions. She is presently funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). These studies are aimed at examining the factors most associated with employment status and adherence difficulties among individuals with MS, respectively. With regard to her clinical practice, Dr. Strober has vast knowledge and experience in working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, relationship issues, difficulties at work and school, grief, difficulties in managing stress and coping, and overall difficulties in developing one’s sense of self, purpose/meaning, and overall quality of life. As a clinically trained psychologist and neuropsychologist with years of experience working with medically ill populations as well, Dr. Strober assists individuals with the adjustment of their diagnosis, improvement of coping skills and management of the illness, behavioral interventions (e.g., relaxation training), treatment of concomitant depression and anxiety, sense of self and identity issues pertaining to one’s illness/injury, and relationship/caregiver issues. She also has extensive experience in conducting comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations having worked with the Office of Disability at Pennsylvania State University.

Research Interest

 Lauren B. Strober research interests areClinical Psychology, Neuropsychology