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Maxwell Omabe

Maxwell Omabe
Senior Lecturer of Molecular Pathology
Ebonyi State International University, Nigeria

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Dr. Omabe earned his PhD in Molecular Biology & Pathology and Transcriptional Regulation with Pharmacogenomics. His overall research goal is to improve treatment of diseases focusing on

  • Personalized medicine
  • Nanotechnology-based treatment
  • Metastasis

Research Interest

His research interest is focused on translational cancer biology and personalized medicine and experimental medicine. Endocrine cancer represents a public health challenge. Common treatment of endocrine cancers including prostate cancer involves hormone deprivation; results in vascular collapse and tumor regression, and disease control over few years after which the treatment fails and relapses. Such patients diagnosed of prostate cancer dies of complications due cancer metastasis especially to the bone. Works are underway to further understand how stem like cancer cells may influence angiogenesis through transformation to other tumor cells including endothelial cells, and the best way of targeting neovascularization after androgen deprivation is by using nanotechnology approach.


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