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Michael S. Gossman

Michael S. Gossman, MS, DABR, FAAPM
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center, USA

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Chief Gossman was educated through Indiana University and the University of Louisville in physics and mathematics from 1990-1995. He was introduced to the field of medical physics by former AAPM president, Peter R. Almond, Ph.D., DABR, FAAPM, while an undergraduate in 1994. Immediately following the completion of a Masters Degree from the University of Louisville in atomic physics in 1995, he began his career in medical physics at Vanderbilt University. There, he was admitted to the graduate program in medical physics while being employed as a medical health physicist, managing radiation oncology brachytherapy procedures, nuclear medicine thyroid treatments, laboratory radiation safety, radioactive material possession, and educating researchers and physician residents. In 1999, he stepped away from academics for a clinical position in Louisville, KY as a resident medical physicist in radiation oncology. Continuing his professional pathway, he was appointed to clinical residencies in Memphis, TN and Fort Wayne, IN for the next 2 years in following. He then achieved American Board of Radiology certification in 2003 in radiation oncology medical physics. After assuming a staff position in Chattanooga, TN for 1 year thereafter, he was hired as the Chief Medical Physicist & RSO in Ashland, KY in 2005 where he remains employed. Within four years, he brought the facility to be the first clinic in the central-eastern United States to achieve accreditation in radiation oncology simultaneously by both the ACR (2007) and ACRO (2009). Since then, Chief Gossman has challenged himself professionally to satisfy the call to duty of an esteemed medical physicist as promoted by the AAPM; fostering education, promoting standards of practice, encouraging research and development, and managing effective, efficient and accurate delivery of radiation. Chief Gossman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology, a 2-term President of the Ohio River Valley Chapter, was on 12 AAPM Committees, 4 Task Groups, veteran Accreditation Sit Reviewer for ACRO & ACR, Editor for JACMP, Interim Editor-in-Chief for the Medical Dosimetry Journal, published 1 book, 2 book chapters, in 3 compendia, invited to 3 “Point-Counterpoint Debates”, first-authored 35 of his 50 papers, was Adjunct Professor of Medical Physics at Wright State University, grant funded for over $120,000, served 5 terms as a Medical Consultant to the U.S. NRC for Medical Event investigations, Mayor appointed as Radiation Triage Liaison for Eastern Kentucky, and Founder of the Kentucky Radiation in Medicine Advisory Committee. All of that work was extraprofessional to his primary employment. Chief Gossman performs consultation, research, radiation testing and expert witness testimony through a company he founded in 2010 named Regulation Directive Medical Physics® LLC.

Research Interest

Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery


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