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Mohamed A. Bourham

North Carolina State University, USA

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Dr. Mohamed A. Bourham is an Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University, Department of Nuclear Engineering. He completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering-Plasma Physics at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt way back in 1976.

Dr. Bourham has been a member of many renowned societies such as American Nuclear Society, American Physical Society, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University Fusion Association, Fusion Power Associates, American Association for Advancement of Science, National Defense Industrial Association.

His interests are in plasma-matter interactions, from interaction with solids to liquids to energetic combustible materials to fabrics and micro-organisms. Ablation/erosion behavior of solid surfaces in contact with plasmas under high heat loading conditions is applicable to fusion reactors first wall and interior components, as well as the interior components of plasma-operated launchers where such components are also under similar high-heat flux exposure.

Research Interest

Plasma-matter interaction, plasma-driven Launch Technology, fusion engineering and technology, plasma propulsion and space thrusters, plasma diagnostics, plasma dynamics, physics of low temperature and non-ideal plasmas, physics of beams, particle accelerators and electron beam irradiation systems, atmospheric and industrial plasmas for surface sterilization and grafting, x-ray sources for medical and screening imaging.

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