Mustafa BA Djamgoz

Mustafa BA Djamgoz
Neuroscience Solutions to Cancer Research Group
Department of Life Sciences
Imperial College London, UK

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Mustafa Djamgoz is Professor of Cancer Biology at Imperial College London and a biophysicist. The electrical activity of the body has always fascinated him and has provided evidence that the mechanisms of the electrical signalling (ion channels) are targets for dietary agents known to have anti-cancer effects. He has introduced new techniques aiming at early diagnosis and therapy of cancer. He is the recipient of the Huxley Memorial Medal, Japanese Government Research Award for Foreign Specialist and the Freedom of the City of London. Professor Djamgoz has published four books and more than 200 primary research papers. His scientific consultancies and granting agencies include the Medical Research Council (UK), The Wellcome Trust, Breast Cancer Campaign, Prostate Cancer Charity and Prostate UK. In 2002, he established the Pro Cancer Research Fund, which runs the Amber Care Centre, a drop-in centre for all people affected by cancer.

Research Interest

His research is concerned with understanding the cellular bases of metastasis in cancer, in particular prostate and breast cancer.


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