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Rachael T Richardson

Dr. Rachael T Richardson PhD
Bionics Institute, Australia

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Dr Rachael Richardson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Bionic Ear Institute. She has a background in molecular biology (with a PhD from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) and training in neuroscience (Bionics Institute). Her current research projects are in the areas of cochlear sensory cell protection and regeneration. She is interested in the use of gene therapy techniques to express therapeutic proteins such as neurotrophins and Atoh1 in specific cells of the cochlea. These proteins have the potential to protect cochlear neurons and hair cells and even to induce regeneration of these cells. Her work is published in high ranking peer reviewed journals. Dr Richardson collaborates with senior researchers in the field of cochlear implantation and hearing research, including Prof. Rob Shepherd, Prof. Stephen O’Leary, Dr Andrew Wise and Dr James Fallon. She collaborates with research leaders from the University of Washington, University of Bristol, Swinburne University and the University of Wollongong. She supervises PhD, honours and undergraduate students.

Research Interest

Dr. Richardson's Resaerch Interests include: Audiology, Gene Therapy, Neuroscience, Cochlea, Inner ear, Deafness, Auditory System, Regeneration, Hearing Loss, ABR, Ototoxicity, Signal Transduction


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