Ripul R. Panchal

Ripul R. Panchal
Department of Neurological Surgery
UC Davis Medical Group, USA

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Dr. Ripul R. Panchal currently working as assistant professor in department of neurological surgery at UC Davis Medical Group, USA. His surgical expertise includes minimal invasive spine surgery, computer-assisted surgery, and motion preservation surgery (disc replacement surgery).Dr. Panchal has been invited to present his research at the national level and serves as a peer reviewer for Global Spine Journal, The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, and World Journal of Orthopedics.Dr. Panchal integrates his growing interest in spine pathophysiology and biomechanics with his humanistic inclinations to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate neurosurgical care. He uses telemedicine to bring care to patients who otherwise would not be able to receive neurosurgical consultation.

Research Interest

Dr. Panchalís research focuses on biomechanics of the spine, spine and spinal cord injuries, and spinal instrumentation.


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