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Stephan Klessinger

Stephan Klessinger
Department of Neurosurgery
Ulm University, Germany

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Dr.Stephan Klessinger is a board certified neurosurgeon since 2004. He graduated from Freiburg (Germany) University Medical School 1997. His Ph.D. (Dr. med.) was written 1997 in the field of Experimental Embryology (Dr. Bodo Christ, Institute of Anatomy, University of Freiburg, Germany). After university the first residency was under the direction of Prof. Dr. R. Fahlbusch at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Erlangen, Germany. A second residency followed under the direction of Prof. D. Stolke at the University of Essen, Germany. In June 2005 Dr. Klessinger started to work in the nova clinic in Biberach, Germany. The clinic includes a Department of Neurosurgery, run by two neurosurgeons. They are specialized in spinal pain therapy and spine surgery. Patients are treated in a practice setting or in two neighboring hospitals where Dr. Klessinger is consultant neurosurgeon. Dr. Klessinger is board certified by the German Gesellschaft fr Inter-ventionen an der Wirbelsule. Since 2012 Dr. Klessinger is leading a research group and is teaching Neurosurgery at Ulm University, Ulm, Germany. A scientific interest of Dr. Klessinger, including interna-tional publications, is in radiofrequency neurotomy and zygapophysial joint pain. In his free time Dr. Klessinger plays violin/viola in chamber music and orchestra or oc-casionally the church organ.

Research Interest

Dr. Klessinger research interest includes radiofrequency neurotomy and zygapophysial joint pain.


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