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Tammy A Chung

 Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

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 Dr. Tammy Chung is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Epidemiology. Her research focuses on assessment, diagnosis, and course of adolescent alcohol and other substance use disorders in community and treatment samples. She is Principal Investigator of an NIAAA-funded longitudinal study investigating social network influences on treated adolescents’ substance use during and following treatment, and of the NIDA-funded component of the Pittsburgh Girls Study. Dr. Chung is extending her longitudinal research to include studies of brain mechanisms (e.g., response inhibition, reward-related processing) underlying risk for relapse in treated youth, and genetic factors associated with treatment response, which are supported by an NIAAA K02 independent scientist award. Dr. Chung serves as Associate Editor for Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, and is co-editing a special issue for the journal on neuroimaging and psychotherapy mechanisms of change for addictive behaviors. She is a member of the faculty for the Department of Psychiatry’s T32 Alcohol Research, Psychiatric Epidemiology Research, and Neurobiology of Addictions training program

Research Interest

 Mechanisms of psychotherapy change for addictive behaviors; Neurobiological markers of psychotherapy response; Diagnostic classification.