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Timo Gotzelmann

Timo Gotzelmann, PhD
Department of Computer science
Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Germany  

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Timo Gotzelmann completed his studies of computer science in Fulda, Germany and University of Westminster, London, UK and Doctoral studies at the University of Magdeburg, Germany o PhD thesis "Correlating Illustrations and Text by Interactive Annotations" His Research stay at the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain Timo Gotzelmann is a Project Manager Navigon AG (now Garmin GmbH) o Pre-development and research projects o Mobile computer graphics, novel interaction techniques for embedded devices, efficient information presentation for car navigation systems, 3D city models o Patent development o Visiting lecturer Timo Gotzelmann works in Project Manager Research Department Diehl Aerospace GmbH o Several national and EU research projects o Cockpit display systems, human machine interfaces, graphical user interfaces (GUI) of aviation systems, optimization of airport communication management o Visiting lecturer.  Timo Gotzelmann is a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern (2011-2013) and Professor at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University Nuremberg (since 2013)

Research Interest

Timo Gotzelmann research interest focuses on User interfaces,Human computer interaction,Mobile computer graphics,Software-development for mobile devices, Ambient Assisted Living.


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