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Valeria Barresi

 Professor of Pathology, University of Messina, Italy

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Dr. Valeria Barresi Valer Currently working as a Professor of Pathology in the degree courses in Medicine and Physiotherapy at the University of Messina, in the School of Specialization in Neurosurgery, Child Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurophysiology and Thoracic Surgery of the University of Messina. Professor of neuro-oncology at the Postgraduate School of Pathology of the above universities. Member of the Steering Committee of the Federated School of Digestive Surgery of the University of Catania and Messina. Lecturer in the Master in Neuroscience and Oncology of the University of Messina. He has published in a variety of peer-reviewed publications. His research interest lie in Neurology.

Research Interest

 neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry, neurology, neurophysiology, Thoriac surgery


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