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Vincenzo Barretta

Vincenzo Barretta, PhD

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Dr. Vincenzo Barretta was enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, University Federico II of Naples, in 1983. In 1986, he began to attend, as an intern, the Institute of Medical Psychology of the University said, during that experience, which will last over 3 years, participates in a work on the importance of interpersonal relationships in the hospital work, the Prize Balint, Balint as part of the International Meetings of Ascona. Dr. Barretta began his psychoanalytic training at the SIF, in 1987. In 1988 he began his training in Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine. Between 1991 and 1994 Dr. Barretta attended the service of family therapy at the Institute of Psychiatry of the Second University of Naples. Since March 1992 he attended the Department of Psychiatry at the Institute. Since March 1994 he works at the clinic of General Psychiatry University of the above. Since 1995 he is part of a team that works as part of a research project formulated by the World Health Organization on neuropsychological disorders in patients with HIV infection. At the same time Dr. Barretta learned the techniques of psychotherapy RET Albert Ellis. In 1998, Dr. Barretta specializes in Psychiatry, with honors, at the Second University of Naples, presenting a thesis on "Cognitive Aspects of Eating Disorders". Between 1999 and 2001 Dr. Barretta worked in the "Unit of Consultation Psychiatry and Behavioral Epidemiology" Cotugno Hospital in Naples, dealing with, inter alia, of patients characterized by the simultaneous presence of drug addiction, mental health and chronic organic diseases. Between 2001 and 2004, Functional forms as a Psychotherapist at the SEF. In 2001 Dr. Barretta founded the Center Noesis of Naples. Since 2003 Dr. Barretta has been Chairman of "Noesis-Association for the fight against mental distress and mental illness." Since 2005 he is the Scientific Director of the Centre Noesis of Naples. Since 2006 he is head of the Psychiatric Consultation Service of the Community Rehabilitation minor "Project Amalia" of Glossop. From 2006 to 2007 he worked with the Association of Noesis, as President, to the planning, coordination and training for the "Pilot project for social and cultural integration of the citizens of the Mediterranean", funded by the Region of Campania. In May 2006, he organized and coordinated on behalf of the association Noesis, prevention project called "The month of psychological well-being." In 2007 he organized a series of seminars on "Prevention of Eating Disorders" at the center of Naples Noesis. Since March 2007 he works at the Department of Farmacodipendenze ASL Napoli 1, as a psychiatrist and expert in "Dual diagnosis". In the same year he participated as a speaker at a series of seminars on various topics of interest to psychopathology, organized by Noesis of Naples and the vocational training center "Training" of Benevento. In 2008 Dr. Barretta collaborated in the design and coordination of the series of seminars for "The prevention of postpartum depression." From February to April of 2009 participated as a speaker at the "Training for volunteer workers for the disabled" at the Hospital "Rummo" of Benevento. In April 2010 was a speaker at the series of seminars "Not only Women" at The Museum of Plart Naples, sponsored by the magazine "Money", the Association of Women and the Museum Fois Plart. In June of the same year was the speaker in the training and updating called "Communication and Wellness - principles and techniques for effective communication approach in health" promoted by the '"Hospital St. Joseph Moscati," Avellino. As President of Noesis, is engaged in the implementation of various prevention campaigns and awareness for the fight against diseases from dependence. Dr. Barretta is currently the Scientific Director of the "Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Pathological Addictions" Noesis Center of Naples. Dr. Barretta is the author of several scientific publications on various topics of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, as well as articles in various newspapers and magazines.


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