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M. Vishwas Rao

M. Vishwas Rao
Coastal Aquaculture Authority, India

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Dr. M. Vishwas Rao, Ph.D., in Marine Biology and Oceanography, Annamalai University, India working presently as a Consultant in Coastal Aquaculture Authority, a young and energetic budding researcher to carve my niche in Marine Sciences by updating my knowledge and research inspiration in recent technologies that recognizes hard work and promises to success and for the sustainable harnessing of the coastal resources and his research interests on Diversity of Marine organisms with special reference to Macro Benthos, Echinoderms and fish diversity. And wide interests on aquatic biology, aquaculture, Gene expression studies, Maintenance of Brood stock for Clown fishes, Banggai Cardinal and damsels, larval rearing, live feed culture maintenance – collection, identification & culturing, maintenance of water quality parameters and giving training to the fisher folk. Developed technology for the hatchery production of ten clowns and three damsels using estuarine water, a breakthrough research in the country as a team member.


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