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Yvonne A.B. Buunk-Werkhoven

Yvonne A B Buunk Werkhoven
SPOH ARTS - International Oral Health Psychology, The Netherlands

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Yvonne A.B. Buunk-Werkhoven, Phd(1967) is social psychologist, oral hygienist and researcher. As an entrepreneur she is (inter)nationally involved as a scientific consultant and researcher in prevention, promotion, education and behavioral change within oral health care (International Oral Health Psychology). She has extensive knowledge and years of experience with issues and research at the interface of social psychology and preventive oral health care. Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven is versatile and enthusiastic on these and related topics and can be hired as a scientific consultant, (applied) researcher, trainer, supervisor and lecturer.

Research Interest

Dr. Yvonne A B Buunk Werkhoven areas of interest is interface of social psychology and preventive oral health care.


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