Catherine Black

Editorial Board Member

Professor, Mississippi State University Fashion Design and Merchandising  School of Human Sciences College Agriculture and Life Sciences Mississippi State University 

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I have a dual approach to scholarship conducting both traditional scholarly research and create design works for juried exhibitions. My traditional research program focuses on functional clothing design, specifically on the end user or the end purpose of the clothing with the goal to improve health and safety, job efficiency, or increase body function. In addition to the development of prototype garments resulting from my functional design research, I also contribute to the scholarly development of garment designs and design techniques for wearable art.  Scholarly recognition for this work is achieved through the submission of completed garments to juried design exhibitions. My traditional research encompasses both functional and special needs design. My functional design research has focused on work apparel research has such as police officer’s uniforms, ballistic vests, protective apparel, and sports apparel. I also create design works for juried competitions.

Research Interest

Functional apparel design; product development; Wear testing; Apparel needs assessment