Oleg V Gradov

Editorial Board Member

Leader of Biophysical Instrumentation Group
Tal’roze Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics, Russia

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Oleg V. Gradov is a leader of Biophysical Instrumentation Group at the Tal’roze Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences), Laboratory of Biological Effects of Nanostructures. His recent works are focused on lab-on-a-chip design for multispectral multiparametric mapping, ERD-SBGN-mapping of biological samples, chemometric microscopy, spectroelectrochemical and electro-morphological techniques for biomembranes and neural structures. He has collaborations with researchers in several other areas of computer-assisted biophysical and biochemical investigations, including neurophysiology and neuromorphology, biogeochemistry and biogeophysics, photobiochemistry and laser biophysics, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics, etc. Oleg Gradov has served on roughly ten conference and workshop program committees and is the Program Chair for Analog Signal Processing-Based Bioinformatics Seminar (ASP-BB) in INEPCP, Moscow. He is also an ambassador of ASAPBIO (Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology; Cambridge, MA) in Russian Federation and a member of several Advisory Boards. Oleg Gradov founded some novel trends in analog biomedical engineering and quantitative microscopy. He is the author of 120 journal papers and 90 conference papers and seminar reports before 2018, and the member of the Editorial Boards of 10 journals. Recent grants of his group include: “Development of the novel physical methods for complex biomedical diagnostics based on position-sensitive mapping with the angular resolution at the tissue and cellular levels using analytical labs-on-a-chip” (RFBR # 16-32-00914) and “Lab-on-a-chip development for personalized diagnostics” (FASIE 0019125). Scientific memberships and affiliations of Oleg Gradov include some international organizations: International Union of Crystallography; American Physical Society; American Chemical Society; International Society for Environmental Information Sciences; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics [SIAM Activity Group on the Life Sciences and SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Science]; International Association of Engineers; International Society for Infectious Diseases; Confocal Club; International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology [IACSIT Reproductive Biology and Genetics Society, IACSIT Graphic and Image Processing Society, IACSIT Signal Processing Society, IACSIT Bioinformatics & Biomedical Engineering Society; IACSIT Environment Science Society; IACSIT Photonics and Microelectronics Society], etc. Prior to becoming a Group Leader, Oleg Gradov enjoyed playing the piano and analog synthesizers, academic poetry and classical German philosophy, scientific excursions and natural history studies. Despite the lack of time, he still enjoys both poetry and classical and symphonic electronic music, since they provide inspiration for scientific research. The general motto of his group is: “Logics, Discipline, Enthusiasm, Inspiration!”

Research Interest

Dynamics of Chemical and Biological Processes Biological effects of Nanostructures