Per Nylén, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Ergonomics
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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Dr Per Nylén works at the Swedish Work Environment Authority and as also affiliated as Associate Professor to the Ergonomics department of Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. His areas of specialty are visual ergonomics and occupational lighting, especially when related to ergonomics in e.g. industrial settings and at work using computers. He has always stressed the fact that poor visual conditions can also results in musculoskeletal discomfort, acute pain, and injury. He has performed research and contributed in many different kind of university educations for four decades. Nylén has written a textbook about visual ergonomics and lighting used in many of these educations. Through his work at Swedish Work Environment Authority and as the president of the Swedish visual ergonomics society he is constantly in touch with ergonomic matters at works places.

Research Interest

Areas of specialty include occupational ergonomics especially visual ergonomics and lighting e.g. the impact of non-visual light modulations and of daylight, human factors, risk analysis, and occupational safety and health.

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