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Special Issue Introduction

          Nursing Role on Covid-19 Treatment

Journal of Nursing and Patient Care is announcing its special issue entitled “Nursing Role on Covid 19 Treatment”. It aims to spread the scientific information on the C0VID-19 and help the scientific world and researcher for the remedy and upgrading the research.

Nurses play a very important role both locally and globally on Covid 19 treatment. They are on the front lines caring for these patients day in and day out. They are on the front lines caring for these patients day in and day out. Health care workers are implementing other strategies to help protect themselves against risk, including changing out of their work attire before entering their homes, showering as soon as they get home, and many health care providers are also isolating themselves into a separate room of their home, away from other family members to try to protect their family members as best they can. And of course, meticulous hand washing. Nurses who work in multiple locations may pose higher risk and should be encouraged to tell facilities if they have had exposure to other facilities with recognized COVID-19 cases.

The scope of the topic but not limited to:

  • Nursing Care
  • Safety Measures on the treatment
  • Social Distancing
  • Psychological issues at the time of treatment
  • Hospital Environment

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