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2020 Conference Announcement, J Regen Med Vol: 8 Issue: 5

2020 Conference Announcement on Chinese and Traditional Medicine 2020

Milagrosa Chiu Shieh Li

Director of Comfort Healthy Technology Co., LTD, Taiwan, E-mail:

Keywords: Traditional Medicine

“World Congress on Chinese and Traditional Medicine” scheduled on December 14-15, 2020 at Macau, China. The theme of Chinese Medicine Congress is "Exploring New Horizons in Chinese Medicine ". Chinese Medicine Meeting plans to provide a platform for all the researchers to share their cup of knowledge & research findings to support the need to discover and learn the efficacy and safety of herbal, traditional and alternative medicine in keeping the population healthy. Chinese Medicine conference aims to assemble all the researchers who are involved in diverse disciplines of Traditional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Unani Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and more.

It includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions and Career development programs. This conference could be an excellent occasion that brings along novel and worldwide blend of monster, driving colleges and Institutions making the gathering a perfect stage to share mastery, encourage coordinated efforts over the world and reveal advancements in Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine Conference main slogan is to address the challenges in making a safer, sustainable and affordable system for medication, and health through consolidating the underpinning Chinese Medicine research platforms. Researchers and expertise who’s in these subjects need in-depth understanding, it’s important to share knowledge with others due to newly generated problem. For that they need a platform to share their knowledge and we could say we create a golden opportunity for those people to expose their knowledge through this Chinese Medicine Congress.

In addition to attending the Chinese Medicine Conference, we invite you to experience Osaka, the beautiful and famous city in Japan, which attracts people from around the world.

Macau was formerly a colony of the Portuguese Empire, after Ming China leased the territory as a trading post in 1557. As a special administrative region, Macau maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China. Macau, China is known for its huge casinos and Western cultural heritage tourism. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a branch of traditional medicine that is said to be based on more than 3,500 years of Chinese medical practice that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, gua sha, massage, bonesetter, exercise, and dietary therapy, but recently also influenced by modern Western medicine.

Target Audience of Chinese Medicine 2020 includes Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Ayurveda Practitioners, Homeopathy Practitioners, Yoga Practitioners, Herbal Medicine Practitioners, Naturopathic Physicians, and Natural therapists, Medical Practitioners, Business/Practice Managers, Associations, Societies and Universities.

Why to Attend?

Be the first to showcase your research, innovation and brand to gain competitive advantages. Meet your target audience and explore your product and services.

• To Meet Experts

• Learning In a New Space

• New Tips & Tactics

• Certification

• Global Networking

• Rebuild New Customer Base

• Brand Establishment

For any further details regarding conference, can drop an email at and whatsapp at + 65 3165 4890/ + 44 1641 270001

Contact Details John Richard Conference Manager Chinese Medicine 2020 E-mail:

Note: This is 1st conference, so we don’t have images regarding this conference

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