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Editorial, J Yoga Pract Ther Vol: 4 Issue: 1

Advantages of Yoga and Physiotherapy during Pregnancy

Andreas Michalsen*

Department of Internal and Integrative Medicine, Immanuel Hospital Berlin, Germany,

*Corresponding Author: Andreas Michalsen Department of Internal and Integrative Medicine, Immanuel Hospital Berlin, Germany, E-Mail: [email protected]

Received: 02 November, 2021; Accepted: 09 November, 2021; Published: 23 November, 2021

Keywords: Yoga Practice and Therapy,therapeutic practice of yoga,Yoga and Physiotherapy,Pregnancy


Yoga and Physiotherapy are forms of exercise that help us to keep up with the physical and mental health of our bodies. During pregnancy following asana yoga and physiotherapy procedures play a key role in helping the mother adapt to the stress of pregnancy and contribute to the better development of the baby in her womb. According to the review, pregnant women who practiced yoga were considered less likely to transmit premature or low birth weight.

Benefits of Doing Yoga and Physiotherapy during Pregnancy: Extended flexibility and muscle strength: Yoga and Physiotherapy for pregnant women provides specific activities that can help increase, flexibility and improve muscle strength. It is suggested that the functional capacity of pregnant women encompasses all important muscle circles. Asans such as Tadasana and Virbhadrasasna help to extend the spine and in this way provide flexibility.

Yoga can also reduce back pain, depending on the type of trauma you have. Other yoga exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles and muscles associated with the lower back, hips, and hamstrings. The normal body supports formal similarity and helps to promote a secure framework. In the event that you suffer from back pain, it is best to consult your physical therapist or therapist and let them guide you accordingly. Performing Marjariasana or Cat and Camel practice is much safer during pregnancy and helps to reduce back pain to a significant degree.

These activities strengthen the medial muscles of the medial and pelvic region. This latter is especially important for pregnant women during labor. Adding breathing exercises improves its endurance which is an essential requirement for light work. Strengthening the knee, upper back and shoulder procedures is an undoubted need as the shortcomings here may continue later. Getting used to the luggage has started slowly. Simple exercise exercises under the supervision of a trained professional can also play an important role in improving endurance and strength.

The chances of having a normal pregnancy are increased by practicing yoga during pregnancy. The muscles of the central region especially the lower midsection and pelvis are organized and strengthened by yogic functions. Women who are willing to practice yoga are more likely to have low birth weight babies than those who do not. Yoga also helps to reduce workplace discomfort and works for true comfort. Divider upheld squats and butterflies extend help with project planning .Physiotherapy classes especially intended for pregnancy usually include pelvic floor function. Kegel'S exercises help to strengthen and strengthen the muscles that support your pelvic floor, which can stop spontaneous urination during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. Yoga can also help you to break the torpidity and weakness that is often seen during pregnancy. ‘Chemicals that feel happy’ are introduced into the bloodstream in response to producing a sense of prosperity resulting in improved fall of happiness and wealth of dedicated mothers. Practice yoga and avoid pregnancy-related blues!

It helps digestion: As the baby grows inside, your digestive system tolerates shooting and the organs fight for space. This causes your gutrelated structure to lose its shape and causes heartburn, bloating, bloating and gas. Yoga practices such as squatting can help by getting more absorbed and improve abdominal related flow.

Reduce suffering during childbirth: Respiratory functions are very helpful in reducing the stress experienced during pregnancy. As yoga promotes mental breathing, while in labor, you will want to control your heartbeat and blood pressure. This will create an extended command over the torture, and transfer will be easier.

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