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Case Report, Analg Resusc Curr Res Vol: 6 Issue: 2

Angioedema of the Tongue: An Exceptional Side Effect of Artemether

Irie bi GS*, Kamagate M, Pete Y, Zegbeh NEK, Nda-Koffi, Ogondon B, Kouame KE and Brouh Y

Anesthesia-Resuscitation Department of Teaching Hospital of Bouake, Bouake, Ivory Coast

*Corresponding Author : Irie bi GS
Anesthesia-Resuscitation Department, University Hospital Center of Bouake, Bouake, Ivory Coast
00 22507673862
[email protected]

Received: December 08, 2017 Accepted: December 14, 2017 Published: December 19, 2017

Citation: Irie bi GS, Kamagate M, Pete Y, Zegbeh NEK, Nda-Koffi1, et al. (2017) Angioedema of the Tongue: An Exceptional Side Effect of Artemether. Analg Resusc: Curr Res 6:2. doi:10.4172/2324-903X.1000151


Artemisinin derivatives are substances that are frequently used for the management of malaria in Africa. These drugs are generally well tolerated but can cause serious adverse effects including angioedema. We report a case of angioedema of the tongue of favorable evolution in a 14-year-old girl after intramuscular artemether administration.

Keywords: Artemisinin; Artemether; Angioedema; Tongue; Adverse effects

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