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Awards 2020, J Clin Exp Oncol Vol: 8 Issue: 5

Cancer Meet 2020 Award announcement for Cancer Meet

Vivek Kamath

Founder, Heal the World Organization, United States Email:

Keywords: Women Scientist,Cancer

Awards 2020

Hilaris Conference is organizing “Cancer Meet 2020” which is going to be held on October 26-27 at San Francisco, USA. The conference will cover the fields related to Cancer, its preventions and the management. The goal of studying cancer is to develop safe and effective methods to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat, and, ultimately, kill the cancer cells. Cancer Meet conference will have two days conversation on techniques and methods which will be administered in cancer. Points include cancer therapy and treatment, cancer awareness and survival, alternate medicine in cancer research, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, innovation in cancer research.

To provide a strong expert development probability for early career academicians-meeting professionals awards in different classes are introduced such as:

Expert Level

This award is honoured to the individuals who have made amazing duties ahead of time in COPD.It is one of the prestigious award of the whole assembling in the entire gathering. The eligibility criteria for bagging this award is the individual should have at least 20+ years of experience the field of pulmonology. The award receiver should have interest to take Initiations in the developments and recent trends in the field of pulmonology. You can nominate notable of the award through web.

Professional Level

This award seeks the persons from either private or public sector having research activity in the field of pulmonology. Conference is looking for an individual who had made a significant difference in the field of pulmonology in their hospital. You can nominate someone worthy to the award through online.

Scholar Level

This gathering offers scholar level award for the scientists, specialists, researchers in the field of pulmonology. Eligibility includes the person who is having at least 10 years of expertise in the relative field. This conference will provide you to exhibit your research and gain experience in your career. You can nominate the deserving of the award through web.

Women Scientist

This award is honoured to the women experts and health care professionals from various universities across the globe in the field of pulmonology. Our conference is very much delighted to support the women scientists. This conference provides a great platform to present your research projects. Deserving of the award can be nominated through online.

Outstanding speaker

The outstanding speaker award seeks for the individual who is having magnificent track record of sharing their proficiency with the fellow health care professionals as documented by articles, presentations, authorship of books and reference materials.

Best Keynote Speaker

This award is given to the individual who will present their projects, schemes, strategies to enhance the field of pulmonology and having impact in the research projects. You can nominate somebody meriting the honour through web.

Best Poster Presentation

To uplift the undergraduates and PhD students to present their research, conference series organizes poster presentation. Best poster presentation award acknowledge the fine quality research. You can choose someone justifying the respect through on the web.

Outstanding Thesis

The outstanding thesis award search for Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate recommendation work Presentation who will exhibit their thesis that have been accomplished to enhance long-term greatness in the field of surgery and anaesthesia You can choose someone justifying the respect through on the web.

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