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Research Article, J Electr Eng Electron Technol Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Design, Construction and Experimentation of an advanced Biomass Cookstove in Cameroon

Sagouong Jean Michel1* and Tchuen Ghislain2

1Research Unit of Mechanics and Physical Systems Modelling (UR2MSP), Department of Physics, University of Dschang, POBox 67 Dschang, Cameroon

2Research Unit of Engineering of Industrial Systems and Environment (URISIE), UIT-FV Bandjoun, University of DSchang, P.O. Box134 67 Dschang, Bandjoun, Cameroon

*Corresponding Author : Sagouong Jean Michel
Research Unit of Mechanics and Physical Systems Modelling (UR2MSP), Department of Physics, University of Dschang, P.O. Box 67 Dschang, Cameroon
Tel: +(237) 675390665

Received: August 13, 2018 Accepted: September 24, 2018 Published: September 29, 2018

Citation: Michel SJ, Ghislain T (2018) Design, Construction and Experimentation of an Advanced Biomass Cookstove in Cameroon. J Electr Eng Electron Technol 7:3. doi: 10.4172/2325-9833.1000169


     In this work we designed, constructed and tested a clean, transportable and comfortable advanced biomass cookstove. A validated data acquisition device for controlling the thermal behavior of stoves or heating systems was set up by programming an Ardiuno Mega microcontroller, provided with type-K thermocouples, LCD Display, SD card module, LM35 and DHT22 sensors. In designing the stove, we focused on the insulation of its external walls (to minimize heat loss together with smokiness and enhance users’ comfort), on the provision of both a chimney and an air inlet, and on its transportability. The obtained results of Simple Water Heating Test show that its thermal efficiency, charcoal consumption, time to boil and heat utilized are closed to others’ in the literature.

Keywords: Stove; Biomass; Insulation; Experimentation; Microcontroller

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