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Research Article, J Electr Eng Electron Technol Vol: 5 Issue: 3

Iron Man Thrust Boots

Mitra M*
IEEE member, Alumnus with Electrical Engineering Department University of Bridgeport, USA
Corresponding author : Mitra M
IEEE member, Alumnus with Electrical Engineering Department University of Bridgeport 126 Park Avenue, Bridgeport,CT – 06604, USA
Tel: +1 (415) 343-5739
Received: October 23, 2015 Accepted: January 23, 2016 Published: January 30, 2016
Citation: Mitra M (2016) Iron Man Thrust Boots. J Electr Eng Electron Technol 5:3. doi: 10.4172/2325-9833.1000132


Iron Man Thrust Boots or Iron Man Jet Boots is one of the hard tasks to work on it (because of its compactness and complex design) with today’s technology but it’s not impossible either. To start with Iron Man Thrust Boots consist of major components that are Thrust, Fuel, Control, Stability and Steering. Thrust can be attained by hybrid thruster technology and gyro stabilizers, hydrogen can be used for the fuel and flight can be accomplished with an advanced control systems that works similar to the aircraft that run on auto pilot.

Keywords: Compact; Explosive resistant; Hard, Heavy armor; Jet boots; Thrust boots; Thrust; Impervious; Resistant

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