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Past Conference Report, J Health Inform Manag Vol: 4 Issue: 1

New managerial approaches and technological advancements reinventing healthcare

Saurav Bhowmik

Professor, University of Pune, India, E-mail:

Keywords: Health Information Management

In the presence of inter professional researchers and practitioners involved in the development of high-quality education in all aspects of clinical skills, Conference Series LLC Ltd. Internal medicine and Hospital management was held in August 19-20, 2019 at Paris, France.

Conference Series LLC Ltd played host to a diverse panel of key members of the Healthcare community from research lab, industry, academia and financial investment practices, discussing the future of Healthcare specialties. This event was really aimed for examining where the real Internal medicine, Alternative medicine, Healthcare and Hospital management specialties are going in the future. It also covers wide range of critically important sessions that deals with the current research development in the mentioned fields.

The conference aimed a parallel rail with theme “Crossing frontiers in the field of Internal Medicine” Focusing on Internal Medicine and Telemedicine, Case Reports and Case Studies in Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Gynecology, Primary care Psychology, Healthcare and Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine and Nursing, Intensive Care Medicine as well, the 2 days of discussions enabled professionals to gain an insight into the current innovations and opened up networking opportunities.

Internal medicine 2019 Organizing Committee members would like to extend gratitude to the Moderator of the conference Dr. Mukesh thakkur, for his contribution which resulted in the smooth functioning of the conference. The highlights of the meeting were the eponymous lectures. These talks were of great interest to the general internists and were enormously informative.

Conference Series LLC Ltd extends its warm gratitude to all the Honorable Guests and Keynote Speakers of Internal medicine and hospital management 2019:

• Inka Nisinbaum, Heinrich-Heine University, Germany

• Palabindala Venkataraman, University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC), USA

• Feng Yu-Min, Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Taiwan

• Neetu Mahendraker, Indiana University Medical Center, USA

• Ishwarlal Jialal, California Northstate University, USA

• Anne-Marie Bogaert, BelgiumUniversity, Belgium

This event covers wide range of critically important sessions that deals with the current research development in the field of Internal medicine, Hospital medicine, Healthcare and Hospital management and also, about the new treatment methods which are forge by scientists to treat various diseases in easier way. This conference acts as a best platform for attendees to learn about the recent trends in Healthcare.

You can refresh your insights about the current circumstance of Hospital management and Internal medicine and get name and acknowledgment at this 2-day occasion. This meeting will give the stage to share thoughts. Incredibly famous speakers with their definitive chats on the latest methods, strategies in therapeutics of healthcare are the signs of this meeting.

Conference Opportunities includes: Speaker opportunities, Poster display and workshop organizing for researchers, faculty and students. A s well for the universities, Associations, Societies this offers, Association partnering, Collaboration proposals, Academic partnering and group participations. For business delegates, Speaker opportunities, Symposia hosting, Book launch event, Networking opportunities etc.

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Joanna Williams
Program coordinator | Hospital management 2020
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