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Research Article, J Diagn Tech Biomed Anal Vol: 5 Issue: 1

Novel Evaluation of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Using Fourier Analysis for Prostate Cancer Detection

Akio Ogura1*, Fumie Maeda2 and Katsumi Hayakawa3
1Graduate School, Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences, Japan
2Department of Radiology, Kyoto City Hospital, Japan
3Department of Radiology, Iwate Prefectural Kamaishi Hospital, Japan
Corresponding author : Akio Ogura
Graduate School, Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences 323-1, Kamioki-machi, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Tel: +81 27 235-1211
Received: June 02, 2016 Accepted: July 14, 2016 Published: July 20, 2016
Citation: Ogura A, Maeda F, Hayakawa K (2016) Novel Evaluation of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Using Fourier Analysis for Prostate Cancer Detection. J Diagn Tech Biomed Anal 5:1. doi:10.4172/2469-5653.1000115


To evaluate both a novel approach of data acquisition and the use of intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) as an analytical detection method in patients with prostate cancer.
This study retrospectively evaluated 34 patients who had prostate cancer diagnosed on biopsy. Diffusion-weighted images (DWIs) were obtained at specific values. The IVIM diffusion model was used to ascertain the D*, ADC, and perfusion fraction (f). The fitting curve was determined using the Fourier transform. An intercept value at 0.05 of the Fourier transform curve was defined as the vascularity-value (V-value). The V-values were compared with the D*, f, and ADC.
Prostate cancer detection rates on each index were f = 0.59, D* = 0.56, ADC = 0.78. and V-value = 0.74. The rates of agreement obtained via a dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE)-MRI were f = 0.53, D* = 0.42, and V-value = 0.81. The total prostate cancer detection rates using the ADC and V-value were 91%, in comparison with the total detection rates of both the ADC and DCE together.
A more detailed data acquisition is required for IVIM, and the Fourier transform was effective for evaluation of the IVIM curve shape. The V-value can be used to evaluate tumor vascularity.

Keywords: DWI; IVIM; MRI; Prostate cancer; V-value

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