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Perspective, Int J Ophthalmic Pathol Vol: 10 Issue: 2

Protan Color Blindness

Uma Madhavi  Srirangam
Department of Pharmacy, QIS collage of pharmacy, Prakasam, India
Corresponding Author: Uma Madhavi  Srirangam
Department of Pharmacy, QIS collage of pharmacy, Prakasam, India
E-mail: gowthamibainaboina
Received: February 06, 2021 Accepted: February 20, 2021 Published: February 28, 2020

Keywords: Blindness


Our capacity to see with shading vision relies upon the presence and capacity of light-detecting colors during the cones of our eyes. Visual impairment, or shading vision insufficiency, happens when at least one of these cones don't work. At the point when the long frequency detecting shades of the eyes are missing or don't work accurately, it causes a kind of visual weakness called protan partial blindness. Individuals with protan visual weakness experience difficulty differentiating among red and green. To understand what protan visual blindness is, it assists with figuring out how the cones of the eyes produce shading vision. Inside the cones of the eyes there are some substances, called photopigments, that sense various frequencies of light. Short frequency cones (S-cones) see blue, medium frequency cones (M-cones) see green, and long frequency cones (L-cones) see red. At the point when the L-cones are absent or useless, this causes a kind of red-green shading insufficiency known as protan visual impairment. Red-green visual impairment influences approximately 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of ladies around the planet, with the most well-known sort being red-green partial blindness. Partial blindness itself is brought about by a X-connected passive quality, which is the reason men are bound to be influenced than ladies. This is on the grounds that men just have one X chromosome, thus just require one hereditary change for the condition to happen. Ladies, be that as it may, have two X chromosomes, and thusly would require two hereditary changes to have the condition.

Types of protan visual impairment

There are various sorts of visual impairment, and each type can contrast in how seriously it influences somebody's shading vision. Protan visual impairment for the most part raises the eyes to have ruckus separating among red and green. The two kinds of protan visual weakness are Protanomaly and Protanopia. • Protanomaly happens when the L-cones are available however don't work appropriately. Thus, the eyes see red as greener. • Protanopia happens when the L-cones are missing totally. Without the L-cones, the eyes experience difficulty separating among green and red. The various types of visual weakness, which incorporate protan partial blindness, can go from gentle to extreme. For instance, protanomaly is milder than protanopia and for the most part doesn't cause numerous issues in day by day life. Protanopia, being the more serious type of red-green visual impairment, causes an altogether unique impression of red and green.

Tests and Diagnosis

A shading vision test, or Ishihara shading test, utilizes a progression of shading plates to test for shading vision ampleness. Each shading plate contains little hued spots. A portion of these hued specks are masterminded into a number or image in the focal point of the plate. In the event that you have full shading vision, you will actually want to see and distinguish the number or image that is available in the picture. Nonetheless, in the event that you don't have full shading vision, you will be unable to see the number or image on specific plates by any stretch of the imagination. The sort of partial blindness that you have figures out what you can and can't find in the plates. While most eye specialists can give partial blindness testing, there are a small bunch of significant organizations that work in giving free shading vision tests on the web. EnChroma, one of the main organizations in delivering innovation for individuals with visual weakness, has a Color Blind Test accessible on its site. The test takes under 2 minutes to perform and will inform you as to whether your visual weakness is gentle, moderate, or extreme. In the event that you speculate that you have visual impairment and feel that you would profit by an authority conclusion, you can likewise plan a shading vision test with an eye care proficient.


There is presently no solution for protan visual impairment. In any case, there are organizations that produce hardware for individuals with partial blindness to help improve their everyday lives. For instance, EnChroma glasses have been showcased as an approach to improve shading separation and shading dynamic quality for individuals with visual weakness. One study Trusted Source from 2018 assessed exactly how successful these kinds of glasses are in improving shading vision in members. The scientists found that the EnChroma glasses did to some degree change the view of shadings that the members could as of now see. Be that as it may, the glasses couldn't improve indicative tests nor reestablish ordinary shading vision. In case you're keen on exploiting the treatment alternatives accessible for protan visual weakness, you can visit your eye specialist to find out additional.

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