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Commentary, J Trauma Stress Disor Treat Vol: 10 Issue: 4

Psychological Autopsy Information on Mental Disorders Persons

Sathvika Mandala* 

Department of Biotechnology, Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

*Corresponding author: Sathvika Mandala, Department of Biotechnology, Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Received: April 03, 2021 Accepted: April 17, 2021 Published: April 24, 2021

Citation: Mandala S (2021) Psychological Autopsy Information on Mental Disorders Persons. J Trauma Stress Disor Treat 10: 232.

Keywords: Psychological autopsy, Mental disorders, Suicide


One of the foremost established “truths” in suicidology is that just about all (90 nada or a lot of) of these WHO kill themselves suffer from one or more mental disorders, and a causative link between the 2 is tacit. Psychological autopsy (PA) studies represent one main proof base for this conclusion. However, there has been very little reflection on the dependableness and validity of this technique. as an example, medicine diagnoses square measure appointed to people that have died by suicide by interviewing a couple of of the relatives and/or friends, usually a few years once the suicide. during this article, we have a tendency to scrutinize PA studies with specific specialize in the diagnostic method and demonstrate that they cannot represent a sound proof base for a robust relationship between mental disorders and suicide. We have a tendency to show that the majority queries asked to assign an identification square measure not possible to answer dependably by proxies, and thus, one cannot with validity build conclusions. Thus, as a diagnostic tool psychological autopsies ought to currently be abandoned. Instead, we have a tendency to advocate qualitative approaches specializing in the understanding of suicide on the far side mental disorders, wherever narratives from a comparatively high range of informants around every suicide square measure consistently analyzed in terms of the informants’ relationships with the deceased. Psychological autopsy (PA) was originally a way to clarify the mode of death in cases wherever it absolutely was equivocal by examining, in detail, factors close the death and therefore the deceased. Somewhere on the method, however, this technique has become the prime approach in learning risk factors for suicide. Presently, PA is considered the foremost direct additionally as a reliable and valid, technique to review the link between numerous informative factors and suicide. Often, mental disorders, notably mood disorders, square measure given because the most relevant antecedent of suicide and infrequently a causative link between psychopathy and suicide is tacit. In Cavanagh comprehensive review of PA studies, they finished that around ninetieth of these WHO die by suicide suffer from one or a lot of mental disorders. In terms of depression being found within the majority of suicides, claimed that, “This finding has been replicated over and once again and that we believe that a lot of, like us, have finished that this affiliation has been replicated enough to be proven”. within the words of Berman “Sometimes analysis findings, notably if replicated, quickly attain the standing of truth. one among these, established through PA studies, is that on the average ninety % or a lot of these WHO died by suicide had a retrospectively identifiable mental disorder”. supported replication, this currently looks to be a longtime “truth” among suicidologists, in spite of the various and high method issues inherent in PA studies that are incontestible. This “truth” has had huge consequences as a result of its contributed tremendously to the present high stress on identification and treatment of mental disorders because the main suicide preventive effort. However, with the big range of PA studies (a search on psychological autopsy in MEDLINE in Gregorian calendar month 2010 yielded 457 hits) with all their serious method weaknesses, a relevant question is whether or not we have a tendency to here have a case of mere range constituting the “evidence base.” In our opinion, the severe method issues inherent in PA studies haven't received the eye they be. as a result of PA studies square measure, the foremost vital contributor to the “evidence base” for the sturdy relationship between mental disorders and suicide, we'd like to scrutinize however the knowledge is gathered and the way medicine diagnoses square measure appointed in such studies. Previous studies work the dependableness and validity of PA studies might have lost one among the foremost elementary problems in analysis, specifically the importance of selecting a way that's applicable to answer the analysis query.

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