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Research Article, J Vet Sci Med Diagn Vol: 8 Issue: 1

Serum Î’-Carotene Levels of the Local Black Cattle in Lactation Period, Dry Period and Different Ages, Seasons

*Corresponding Authors:
Bulent Bayraktar
Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Phsiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Bayburt University, Bayburt, Turkey

Received: May 29, 2018 Accepted:February 1, 2019Published:February 6, 2019


β-carotene in carotenoIds group is the primary Ingredient of vitamin A and is widely found in green leafy plants. Cattle provide β-Carotene by eating grass and feeds since they cannot synthesize. β-carotene deficiency causes many metabolic disorders in animals. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of season, age, lactation and dry period on β-Carotene level at Local Black Cattle whIch are only breed In AnatolIa. This study was carrIed out in native cattle race (Local Black) that breds in our country, 80 of which belong to the protection flocks that are grown in the northern parts of Central Anatolia. The groups were arranged as group 1, 1-3 months calves (n=20); group 2, 12-24 months heIfers (n=20); group 3, 3-7 years old cattle In the fIrst 10 weeks perIod of lactation (n=20), group 4, 3-7 years old cattle In the last 2 month of pregnancy (dry perIod) (n=20). β-Carotene levels were measured from the serum samples which was obtaIned from the same anImals blood that was taken from the summer and wInter. In summer, β-carotene levels of the lactatIng cattle, heIfer and cattle In dry perIod were hIgher than wInter. Also, serum β-carotene was the hIghest In lactatIng group both summer and wInter. As a result, our results showed that season, age, lactation and pregnancy were effective on serum β-carotene levels. Also, reference values of the Local Black were obtained.

Keywords: Age; β-Carotene; Dry period; Local breed; Lactation; Pregnancy; Season

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