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Past Conference Report, J Soil Sci Plant Health Vol: 4 Issue: 2

Surpassing the Vision in Plant Genomics and Plant Science in Osaka, Japan during May 26-27, 2020

Xiwen Cai

Professor, Wheat Genetics and Cytology, Department of Plant Sciences, NDSU, USA, E-mail:

Keywords: Plant Science

Meetings International hosted the event “3rd World Plant Genomics and Plant Science Congress” which was held in Osaka, Japan during July 15-16, 2019. We had successfully completed the event with various talks and sessions that run on the theme” Surpassing the Vision in Plant Genomics and Plant Science”. Plant breeders, Ph.D. students had shown their interest in attending this esteemed Plant Genomics Meeting and had a scientific discussion related to their topics and research with their co-researchers on this global platform.

The conference was started with Exhibitor introduction by Mr. Toby Huang from MGI, China followed by keynote forum, Oral sessions on day 01 of the conference. The day 02 programs had many diverse scientists shared their research insights along with poster sessions followed by the award ceremony and certificate distribution. The proceedings went through interactive sessions and panel discussions headed by honorable Moderator Mr. MUSTAFA A. N. AL-FAYYADH studying at Eskisehir Technical University in Turkey. Plant Genomics 2019 Organizing Committee Members: Dr. Yusuf Leonard Henuk, University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Dr.Takayuki Momma, Iwate University, Japan, Dr. Najla Mezghani, National Gene Bank of Tunisia, Tunisia, Mr. Wilson Boardman, Micromix Plant Health Limited, UK and Dr. Anindya Bandyopadhyay, Syngenta, China had given excellent support in networking, Charing the session relevant to their research interest from the conference highlights and also being acted as a poster judge. The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific-sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following Speakers were highlighted as Keynote speakers: Potential used of duckweed as an alternative protein source for human and animal nutrition: Dr. Yusuf Leonard Henuk, University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Study of hop stunt viroid – Making of hop stunt viroid -free hop plants using apical meristem culture and ultrastructure of hop stunt viroid: Dr.Takayuki Momma, Iwate University, Japan. Integrated molecular and morphological characterization of Daucus in Tunisia: Dr. Najla Mezghani, National Gene Bank of Tunisia, Tunisia. Combating abiotic stress through changing gene expression: Mr. Wilson Boardman, Micromix Plant Health Limited in the UK. Plant priming for improved growth and stress protection under climate change conditions: Dr. Vasileios Fotopoulos, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus. Novel genome editing technology aids faster improvement of agricultural crops: Dr. Anindya Bandyopadhyay, Syngenta, China.

All the conference sessions were mainly focussed on the major topics Plant Genome Science, Agricultural Science, Molecular Plant Breeding, and Stress Signalling in Plants, Plant Nutritional Genomics, Plant Biotechnology, Crop Improvement, Plant Virology, Genetics Market, and Phytopathology. Speakers showed their interest in showcasing the rapid developments in plant genome science research. This Plant Genomics Event stands as an excellent platform to discuss with your co-researchers and students.

On this Plant Genomics Conference which was scheduled in Osaka, Toby Huang from MGI, China has shown his excellent strategy in showing their innovations which would be helpful for future research developments. It is the proud moment to announce our most happening "4th world Plant Genomics and Plant Science Congress” scheduled amid May 26-27, 2020 in Osaka, Japan that runs on the theme “Surpassing the Vision in Plant Genomics and Plant Science”. To unleash your research findings and to develop new collaborations on plant research and plant genome science to the world; this can be possible by our Plant Genomics Congress.


Lara Williams
Program Manager
Plant Genomics Congress

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