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Special Issue Article, Jeet Vol: 9 Issue: 3

The history of innovative leadership that will pave the path for the next generation of aerospace professionals

What do you think is at the heart of any successful venture? In order to move forward in generating innovative ideas and solutions to the problems, professionals must intertwine different principles of leadership amongst their team to create a goal and a reason for that goal. Sometimes it is difficult to be a leader and cultivate a plan of action that is executable amongst a team to achieve a defined goal. We, as engineers and other professions alike, must look to different sources of innovative leadership from the past to the present, so we may learn how to pave a path to success. We must stand on different summits to gain better perspectives, so that we may provide the tools and advice accordingly for the next generation to be able to climb higher.

Keywords: Wireless communications, Networking , Satellite communications

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