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Editorial, J Vet Sci Med Diagn Vol: 10 Issue: 4

Veterinary Parasitology


Veterinary parasitology is the investigation of the creature parasites. The various zones that are remembered for this investigation is the relationship of the parasite and the host which are the creatures and what they may mean for one another base on their attributes and capacity. The dad of Parasitology Platter, The Italian Francesco Redi, viewed as the dad of current Parasitology, he was quick to perceive and effectively depict subtleties of numerous significant parasites (Pikarski, G. 2010). Parasitology is the investigation of parasites, their hosts, and the connection between them. Very much like microscopic organisms, parasites can create drug opposition, so understanding their qualities, proteins, life cycle and advancement through research is likewise significant in controlling contaminations and foreseeing future flare-ups.

Keywords: Parasitology & Helminths

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