3YOURMIND: Innovating solutions summary

Journal of Regenerative Medicine .ISSN: 2325-9620

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3YOURMIND: Innovating solutions summary

Stephan Kihr

3YOURMIND GmbH, Germany

: J Regen Med


One of the main problems facing automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering companies looking to implement 3D printing is that they are adding up to 2,000 new parts per month into their databases. Until now, there has been no simple way to determine which components are economically and technologically appropriate for additive manufacturing. 3YOURMIND now offers an automated part inventory analysis for 3D printing. Enterprise customers can perform an automated scan of their entire inventory database to instantly determine which parts are most efficient and cost effective to produce with additive manufacturing. The analysis occurs in minutes and leverages 10 years of experience from 3D printing experts to determine exactly which parts should be 3D printed. The software can also be integrated directly with customer’s part database to update the analysis in real time as additional parts are added to the inventory or as advances in 3D printing technologies enable more cost effective production of components. This solution will also be directly integrated to one of the biggest German software companies’ distributed manufacturing platform. Companies performing the analysis will immediately save time and money by producing only the parts that are technologically and economically profitable. 3YOURMIND’s part inventory analysis for 3D printing is the entry point to a suite of tools that enable mass adoption of 3D printing for production workflows. It is the first automated solution for enterprise businesses to make real time decisions for components that should be shifted to additive manufacturing. In addition to saving production cost, it allows efficient production scheduling and removes the need for manual analysis by in-house engineers. The software is the only option in the market that enables a dynamic 3D inventory to maximize the agile production chains of Industry 4.0. Both their ecommerce and enterprise solutions, 3YOURMIND automates the workflow to make additive manufacturing affordable and accessible, no prior experience required. The enterprise solution allows enterprise businesses to quickly and efficiently add industry 4.0 solutions to their production processes. The suite of services provides an optimized; cloud based 3D printing workflow for their entire team. The solution guarantees perfect results with printability analysis and material optimization as well as allowing management 3D files as projects. Companies take absolute control of their production queue and have direct access to a real time price comparison by material, which in addition to cost savings, it speeds up the decision making processes and improves teams’ coordination and communication. The management tool is the best method to simplify the production chain and optimize production capacity. The ecommerce platform provides an online 3D order fulfillment platform for 3D printing services. Potential customers can use a professional access point to process 3D print requests 24/7 via the automated ordering system. The tools developed specifically for additive manufacturing services include file optimization, queue management and load balancing to ensure high printer utilization and boost income. This solution was developed specifically for additive manufacturing companies to streamline their internal workflow and increase profits. This is enabling a wider access to cost competitive 3D print services and ushering in the widespread adoption of 3D printing.



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