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A half decade long experience of spine services at Far-Eastern Nepal

Prem Shahi

Kankai Hospital Birtamode Nepal

: Clin Res Orthop


Background: Each surgery is different depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition. Generally, spine surgeries last for longer hours with lots of complications. For a surgeon practicing at the peripheral level where the resources are too much constrained could be nightmare sometimes to offer the spine services. The whole aim of sharing this experience to the orthopaedic platform is to establish a proper national protocol regarding spinal care so as to offer better services to the patients by enabling as well as ensuring our upcoming surgeon’s confidences, skills and updates.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study which included 36 patients of age 22 years to 64 years under gone different spinal procedures. The outcomes were evaluated on the basis of clinical (Oswestry functional outcome index), radiological as well as neurological (ASIA) parameters.

Results: Majority of the patients (n=28) were rescued with excellent outcomes, 6 with good outcomes and rests with minimal short term complications which recovered with due course of follow up.

Conclusion: With the advancing technology in the field of overall orthopaedic care,spine care becomes one of the utmost important subspeciality. We could provide the spine services including routine surgeries as demanded by the community even in the care centres with limited resources. However, it should be the responsibilities of our fraternity not only to train the young surgeons but also to build confidence in them for better care of the patients.


Prem Shahi is currently he is working as Chairman/Hospital-Director at Kankai Hospital Birtamode, Nepal.

E-mail: [email protected]

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