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A revolution in classical network to cognitive sciences

Imtiaz Ahmed

G C Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan

: J Nurs Patient Care


In this paper we introduce cognitive considerations for value-based strategy network. By studying some mental models of strategic developers, it creates a cognitive value-based network. This latest system can provide outcomes in several situations different from what would be predicted by the classical framework. It also helps to identify certain cognitive abilities that some firms could possess or can develop those which would allow them to increase their competitive advantage as well as some unexplored properties of strategic positions that would affect the capability to generate competitive advantages. Generally, it provides a network that allows for easier incorporation of insights from the cognitive sciences into central questions of strategy.


Imtiaz Ahmed has more than five years of experience in teaching, training and mentoring. He is familiar with various methodologies in teaching and exploring political sciences and other disciplines at undergraduate level. In his teaching, he is struggling to provide equivalent academic support to internal and extramural students. His research field is the management attitude and enforces him to research in the field of management and his research work is based on the determination of new ideas and skills in the branch of management. He is the member of research seminar committee in G C Mandi Bahauddin.


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