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ACE Immune / ACE Immune plus New potent soldier in the immunity army fighting against cancer.

Alaa Abdelkarim

ACE cells Lab Limited. Nottingham - United Kingdom

: J Clin Immunol Res


With the failure of the conventional methods to control the cancer, and with the growing doubts about the researches done for the chemotherapy and its numerous negative effects on the body as a whole and the feasibility of these researches, The latest research results suggest that tumor- infiltrating leukocytes and the intra-tumoural cytokine environment play a central role in both the genesis and development of cancer. Over a hundred years ago, Virchow pointed out that numerous immune cells occur in the vicinity of practically all malignant tumours and that the structure of tumour tissue closely resembles the inflamed region of a non- healing wound. With the aid of the latest molecular and cell- biological methods, we are not only able today to closely chcharacterize tumour cells and their immediate vicinity but also the other cell types present in tumour tissue, such as infiltrating immune cells, endothelial cells, connective tissue cells and others, both in terms of phenotype and function. In addition, there is growing understanding of the significance of the composition and functioning of endogenous messenger substances such as cytokines, chemokines and prostaglandins in healthy and malignantly altered tissues. From the immunological point of view, the main characteristics are dysregulated inflammatory conditions caused by the tumour cells themselves or by external factors, depending on the type of tumour event. It is evident that prolonged dysregulated inflammatory conditions favour not only carcinogenesis but also the local infiltration and metastasis of malignantly modified cells and counteract the development of efficient antitumor immunity. 1 ACE Immune comes in harmony with the recent researches in developing a third dimension to the war of cancer. There are lots of researches and patents on some allogeneic products that can help in fighting cancer, ACE immune as a potent natural formula enhances the defense lines and regenerate the whole immune system and help in the bio regulation of the hormonal system.
ACE immune and Auto-immune diseases:
In a primary study to monitor the effect of ACE IMMUNE on the inflammatory marker hs-CRP in 20 patients after using primary course of sublingual daily 3 times doses of ACE IMMUNE.
• 2 patient did not continue the study for different reasons. • 18 patients continued the study till the end.
• The safety investigations (Full liver function, full kidney function and Complete blood picture were done to the patients before starting the course of treatment and after the last dose. No one showed any deterioration in any of the safety markers.
• hs-CRP was measured to the 18 patients and was ranging in all the patients between 12- 18.
• In the last week of administering the ACE immune, hs-CRP was re-tested and was less than 5 in all the patients.
Conclusion: ACE Immune could participate in controlling one of the rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory factors in 12 weeks of the administration.
• More researches and studies needed to confirm the effect on the inflammatory reactions of Rheumatoif arthritis.


Alaa Abdelkarim is currently working in a ACE cells Lab Limited. Nottingham - United Kingdom he is also Consultant Endocrinology and Stem Cell Therapy and completed his MBBCH (Cairo University) - MRCGP INT (London) and MRCP UK London SEC Endocrine & Diabetes. He is Member of the European Society for Endocrinology and Member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

E-mail: [email protected]

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