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Achieving patient safety goals through enhancing legal knowledge and comprehensive disclosure policies

Puteri Nemie Jahn Kassim

International Islamic University, Malaysia

: J Nurs Patient Care


The changing legal landscapes in judicial approaches in preferring patient-centered approaches as the benchmark for good medical practices has subsequently increase the medical profession’s legal obligations towards their patients. The medical profession is constantly expected to adhere to the demands of patient autonomy and rights of self-determination in various aspects of medical care. Thus, in achieving patient safety goals which emphasizes on safe medical practices as well as minimizing risks of harm to patients, the medical profession should always keep abreast with the legal developments that are affecting their practice. Knowledge of these legal developments will eventually prepare them to handle medico-legal issues and eventually, reduce the likelihood of court litigation. Further, lawsuits can also be alleviated through effective communication which is also amongst the main goals of patient safety. The promotion of open-disclosure’ policies and honest communication will encourage reconciliation, strengthen doctor-patient relationship and ultimately, safeguard public trust in the medical profession. Nevertheless, open-disclosure policies which one of the key ingredients includes making apologies or expressions of regret must be developed in tandem with a comprehensive legal framework that shields those making apologies from legal liability. Thus, the enhancement of legal knowledge coupled with effective disclosure policies are crucial in overcoming the impending barriers towards the achievement of patient safety goals in the modern healthcare setting.

Recent Publications

1. Jahn Kassim, Puteri Nemie and Alias Fadhlina (2018) Separation of conjoined twins from the common law and Shari’ah perspectives: the legal and ethical conundrum. Al-Shajarah, 23(1):67-96.

2. Jahn Kassim and Puteri Nemie (2017) Mandatory incident reporting through legislative framework: Towards enhancing patient safety culture in healthcare settings. Journal of Humanities, Language, Culture and Business (HLCB), 1:2.

3. Jahn Kassim, Puteri Nemie and Manaf Noor Hazilah (2017) The scope of an employer’s liability for negligence caused by ‘Locum’ medical practitioners. Pertanika Journal Social Science and Humanities 3(Special Issue) 109- 120.


Puteri Nemie Jahn Kassim is a Professor in the Civil Law Department, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws at International Islamic University, Malaysia. She has completed her LLB (with Honours) degree at the University of Southampton, England and Postgraduate studies (Masters of Comparative Laws and Doctor of Philosophy in Law) at the International Islamic University Malaysia. She is currently teaching Law of Torts and Medical Law at undergraduate level and Medical Negligence Law at the postgraduate level. Her books entitled “Nursing Law and Ethics”, “Medical Negligence Law in Malaysia” and “Law and Ethics relating to the Medical Profession are published by the International Law Book Services. She has also edited a book entitled “Issues in Medical Law and Ethics”. Other publications include articles in reputable local and international journals. She is also active in presenting papers at both the national and international arena.


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