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Adenoid hypertrophy and physiotherapy

Iuliia Lomaeva

Viterra Multidisciplinary Clinic, Russia

: J Otol Rhinol


Adenoid Hypertrophy (AH) refers to the most common pathology of pediatric otorhinolaryngology. The lymphatic pharyngeal ring plays a leading role in creating the immune barrier of the upper respiratory tract. In this regard, the conservative methods of therapy that do not require surgical intervention and ensure the preservation of the immune protection are more relevant. The study included 53 patients with AH: 32 boys and 21 girls at 7.1±2.5 years old. Patients were divided into 2 groups: The 1st (control) - 28 patients with standard treatment of AH and the 2nd (main) - 25 patients with standard treatment and physiotherapy: Intranasal, oral laser irradiation and ultrasonic cavitation treatment (10 procedures). Additionally, all participants in the study were examined by ENT, including endoscopy of the nasal cavity and naso-pharynx; an objective assessment of the state of the auditory analyzer (acoustic impedance measurement). The analysis of the conducted studies revealed that in the main group of test subjects after the course of treatment, nasal breathing was restored in 84% of children, whereas in the control group, nasal breathing was restored in 57%. There was also a significant change in the degree of hypertrophy in the main group compared with the control group. It was revealed that after the course of treatment in the main group in children AH grade 2 decreased to grade 1 in 67% of the cases and in children with initial hypertrophy grade 3 - AH decreased to the grade 2 in 71% of the cases. Thus, the additional use of physiotherapy in the conservative treatment of AH is more effective in comparison with standard therapy.


Iuliia Lomaeva works in the field of pediatric otorhinolaryngology, phoniatrics. In everyday work, she faces a huge number of children suffering from hypertrophy of adenoids. She pays great attention to physiotherapy. She is looking for effective ways of conservative treatment of hypertrophy of adenoids.


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