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Assessment of relationship between quality of work life and nursing organizational commitment

Manizheh Kalantari Meibodi

Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, Iran

: J Nurs Patient Care


Considering the close relationship between the two concepts of quality of work life and organizational commitment and their impact on satisfaction, acceptance of responsibilities and motivation to professional services, this research was conducted to investigate the relationship between quality of work life and organizational commitment of nurses in Iran during 2016-2017. In this descriptive-correlational study, Walton Quality of Work Life Questionnaire with 27 questions (8 items) and Allen and Myer organizational commitment questionnaire with 24 questions (3 items: emotional, normative and continuous commitment) were used. SPSS software version 18 was used to analyze data. T-test and ANOVA, Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis were carried out. According to the findings, nurses have a moderate quality of work life and organizational commitment. There was a direct and significant relationship between all components of quality of work life, with the exception of social dependency and the overall living environment, with organizational commitment. Among the components of commitment organizational dimension, emotional commitment, has the highest correlation with the quality of working life of nurses.



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