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Aural myasis in children


Patna medical college & hospital, India

: J Otol Rhinol


Myiasis is disease cause by fly larvae. The term myiasis is derived from the geerk word myia meaning fly. Myiasis is one of the most common problem encountered in out patient department of Ear ,Nose ,throat in Bihar ,INDIA. A case study of 50 children of aural myiasis was done at Patna medical college &hospital. Presenting complain was mainly of pain,aural discharge, maggot in ear. predisposing factor was ASOM,CSOM, Unhygienic condition and otitis externa with discharge. Two cases were of child suffering from mental retardation .Myiasis is also known as screw worm.In the field of otolaryngology it may affect the ear ,nose,and paranasal sinuses,nasopharynx,oral cavity and permanent tracheostomy site. In the lower age group,prevelance of ASOM and CSOM is common and the child is not aware of the fly,so the over all incidence rate were high in 0-4 years age group was 60%.second most common age group was 5-8 year.The majority of cases of human myiasis involve fly species that are facultative parasites.Human represents only a target of opportunity,presented through neglected wounds or lack of sanitary measures which is reflected in series of study that majority of cases belongs to low socioeconomic group.


DR.RAJANEESH RANJAN,MBBS,MS(ENT),FCGP Presently working as senior resident doctor at Patna medical college & hospital, in dept. Of ENT. He has done MBBB, MS (ENT) from, Darbhanga medical college & hospital, INDIA.PGD in Hospital Management from, National Institute of health and family welfare, New delhi. Trained in Otology from St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi.

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