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Case report of a medial femoral condyle fracture in a unicompartmental oxford knee replacement surgery

Sarango Rivas Daniel

Clínica Alemana De Santiago, Chile

: Clin Res Orthop


Introduction: The unicompartmental Oxford prosthesis has been used as a good alternative for medial unicompartmental osteoarthritis because it is associated with early rehabilitation and a low rate of intraoperative complications. This case describes a rare complication during the procedure. Case presentation: We present an intraoperative fracture of the medial condyle in a 70- year-old woman that was treated with 6.5 mm cannulated screws with a compression technique. The patient remained in a non-weight bearing protocol for 6 weeks and reached a full range of mobility at 3 months. Complete radiological consolidation and a good functional outcome were observed. Conclusion: Intraoperative fractures benefit from a stable osteosynthesis that allows free range of mobility and does not delay postoperative rehabilitation.


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