Comparison of different additive manufacturing and trad

Journal of Regenerative Medicine .ISSN: 2325-9620

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Comparison of different additive manufacturing and traditional technologies-Assessing lead time and total production cost

Charisios Achillas and Dimitrios Tzetzis

International Hellenic University, Greece

: J Regen Med


Recently, a number of commercially available 3D printing technologies are competing with traditional manufacturing techniques in the fabrication of products. In this work, different additive manufacturing technologies are compared with injection molding in terms of fabricating a plastic housing for a real-world company. The different technologies are assessed in terms of lead time and total production cost. For low-volume production, both rapid tooling and additive manufacturing may offer a competitive alternative that could result into shorter lead times and decreased total production costs. Additionally, introducing additive manufacturing in a producer’s production portfolio may increase flexibility, reduce warehousing costs, and assist the company towards the adoption of a mass customization business strategy.



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