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Current trends in pathophysiology of Menieres disease & surgical management

Sreeshyla Basavaraj

St Marys Hospital, UK
Queen Alexandra Hospital, UK

: J Otol Rhinol


Meniere’s disease is a chronic debilitating condition which varies in its clinical presentation from patient to patient, hence it is categorized into typical and atypical Meniere’s disease. It is believed that in majority of cases the diagnosis is based on clinical history, as most of the investigation will only assist to support clinical diagnosis. It is also believed that the pathology is in the endolymphatic duct, where there is either excess production of endolymphatic fluid or there was blockage of drainage. There has been significant evidence published in recent times questioning the traditional hypothesis of pathophysiology in Meniere’s disease, which not only changes the way we manage this condition but given possibilities to accurately diagnose. I would like to present the published evidence with my surgical outcome for this condition which support new hypothesis.


Sreeshyla Basavaraj has been a Consultant for the last 9 years. He is currently working at St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight and Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK respectively. His field of interest is mainly in Otology; has vast experience in management of Chronic Ear Disease (including revision surgeries, cavity reconstruction), surgical management of Meniere’s disease (saccus decompression) and management of vertigo patients. During his training, he gained experience in rare conditions affecting wound healing in implant patients (post-radiotherapy, psoriasis patients), involved in research (OSTRICH study) and invented new surgical technique for keratosis Obturans which was presented at IFOS Paris 2017 (France).


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