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Diodes laser for in office endoscopic surgery center

Sajidxa Marino

Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela

: J Otol Rhinol


Diode's laser for in office endoscopic surgery center a new type of ENT Center exclusive for topical cottons anesthesia use in patients with obstructive nasal diagnosis. Description of a new technique of Laser Diode's for Endoscopic Turbinal Surgery IN OFFICE with topical anethesia for inmediatly reincorperation to rutine for patients between 2 years and ancients. Only a one hour preparation with drops and cotton's anesthesia, and five minutes procedure. Indicated for patients with Turbinate Hipertrophy (inferior turbinate or inferior and medial turbinate) with oral respiration, snoring, posterior rhinorrea, or with facial algias, in patients complicated for general anesthesia, athletes who needs training the day after, executives or students who needs work or study the same day of the surgery, or any patiens who needs to correctly brieth without been in a operating room and have the postoperative desincorporation of their routine. Also in patients who has previously turbinate surgery in OR or septoplasty without success. With preoperative and postoperative CT scan and endoscopic evaluation were shows turbinate disminution, and clinical changes like considerate workout in nasal brieth, less snoring, notably disminution of posterior rhinorrea and no more presences of facial Algias for contact of middle turbine with Trigeminal gangly. The 10 years implementation of this new technology at the office with 1000 patients experience has been proved as the only model of resolution of patients at the first Laser In Office Center for Otolaryngology at Caracas, Venezuela, with excellent quality of life results.


Sajidxa Marino completed her studies at the age of 27 at the Central University of Venezuela, specializing in Otorhinolaryngology at the Domingo Luciani Hospital, with studies in France, Spain, Italy and the USA. She was President of the Venezuelan Otorhinolaryngology Society from 2015-2018. Pioneer in the diode laser technique in the office to solve nasal obstructive problems.


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