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Distally based peroneus brevis muscle flap to cover a large leg, ankle and foot defects anatomical finding and clinical application

Magdy A Abd Al- Moktader

Al- Azhar hospital, Egypt

: Clin Res Orthop


Background: The peroneus brevis muscle flap is a wellknown distally based safe flap that is used to cover a small defect in the leg and ankle, in large defects and more distal one another large flap either locally or distant one was needed. Patient and Methods: Forty-two distally based peroneus brevis muscle flaps were elevated in 42 patients (30 males and 12 females) with major lower leg, ankle and proximal foot defects that were 6–15 cm in length and 6–12 cm in width, finding in the form of number, size and sources of its blood supply, its entry sites, the lowermost two arterial supply, internal distribution of blood supply to the muscle, relation between the external and internal distribution of the blood vessels, length of the muscle, site of entry of the nerve supply, splitting of the proximal portion of the peroneus brevis muscle was performed according to this finding to cover these large defects. Results: Anatomical finding encourage us to extend the muscle to cover a large defects in the leg, ankle and proximal foot safely, also longitudinal splitting of the muscle increasing its width up to 3 times to cover a large defects, flap survival was excellent. Conclusions: Distally based peroneus brevis muscle flap has a rich blood supply, reach safely to the proximal foot with safe splitting to cover large defects in the leg, ankle and proximal foot.


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