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Effect of stretching program of hamstring muscles on low back pain among surgeon in operation theatre

Mohamed Abdulsattar

AlQassimi Hospital, UAE

: Clin Res Orthop


Background: Many people struggle with hamstring (HM) stretches. They are a muscle group that tightens up quickly and depending on your posture can be overworked. The hamstrings run through the back of each thigh. Tightness in this muscle limits motion in the pelvis which can increase stress across the low back and corrupt correct posture and can cause the onset of knee or back pain. Hamstring stretching exercises are a necessary part of training in any sport and are useful in the maintenance of good posture. I observe after treating of many surgeons in our hospital a relation between tightness of HM and back pain especially after OT work. Methods: Ten participants from different surgical departments (plastic surgery department, orthopaedic Dept. etc.) were asked to do Hamstring Muscle Tightness test. They were chosen from AlQassimi hospital, Sharjah, UAE. They were assigned to one group and practiced a program of Stretching Program of Hamstring Muscles daily for 2 weeks. All participants had been evaluated to measure Hamstring Muscle Tightness test and all participants with positive Hamstring Muscle Tightness test were enrolled in this study. All participants were asked to do Visual analogue scale test. All data were registered in data collection sheets. All measurements were done before and after the study program. Results: After completion of the study, a significant improvement was observed in in measurement of back pain on visual analogue scale (P < 0.05), when compared to pre-program measurement. Conclusion: Stretching exercises Program of Hamstring Muscles could improve Low Back Pain among Surgeon in Operation Theatre. Stretching Program of Hamstring Muscles is good methods that improve Low Back Pain among Surgeon.


Mohamed Abdulsattar has completed his PhD from Cairo University, Egypt. He is the Consultant Physical Therapist in AhmedMaher teaching hospital, Egypt. He has published his papers in reputed journals and has been won a safety and health Award in 30th International conference of ideas UK in UK 2016.

E-mail: [email protected]

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