Evolution of 3D printing in manufacturing industries

Journal of Regenerative Medicine .ISSN: 2325-9620

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Evolution of 3D printing in manufacturing industries

Abdul Haseeb

SZABIST, Pakistan

: J Regen Med


Since long time ago manufacturing was done by skilled persons with the help of an assistant, then slowly and gradually it transformed to more efficient manners like sand casting etc. With passage of time, number of people grew and so their needs, resulting in more demands, and to cater these demands, more supply is needed, in efficient and accurate manner. To accomplish this demand, in modern era, where everything needs to be efficient and, more or less, 100% accuracy is the key, with vast range of materials and designs. 3-D printing is a significant phenomenon to cater all these demands and supplies. Since its invention from 1980s, 3-D printing has gone through many phases, and day by day more efficient and productive work is being done in this industry. 3D printing grew enormously in last few years and is being used round the world. This paper will portray a clear analysis and some possibilities about different 3D printing phenomenon that are useful to cater modern era needs and wants.



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